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Narrative Showreel



Director // Ricky J Payne
Producer // Cindy Molana

Awards and Nominations Include:

- London Short Film Festival (2022)
- Cannes Short Film Corner (2021)
Better the Devil you Know

Director // Vipin Venugopal

Producer // Manoj Pooleery


Awards and Nominations Include:

-FrightFest  (2021)

- Lift - Off Global Network (2021

- Paris International FF (2021)

Damned (Feature)

Director // Will Jones

Producer //  Matthew Wilks + Djonny Chen

Post Production

Night Explorers (Feature)

Director // John Walker

Producer //  Leigh Cattermole + Djonny Chen


Post Production

Her Best Friend

Director // Greg Keith

Producer // Alex Townley


Ann of F*cking Cleaves

Director // Chris Hallas

Producer //  Shona Graham


Proof of Concept

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