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Matthew P. Scott

+44(0)7827532245  |


Feature Film

  • The Haunting of Helen's Bridge, Dir Stephen Presley -  Cinematographer, Red Dragon

       Prod co: Grimm Pictures

  • Night Explorers: The Asylum, Dir John K. Webster - Cinematographer, Canon C200​​

       Prod co: Silent D Productions

  • Damned, Dir Will JonesCinematographer, Canon C200

       Prod co: Indigo Ink Films​​

  • EXODUS, Dir Serkan Nihat - Camera Operator, Red Scarlet

       Prod co: Elijah Productions

  • Allegedly (Doc), Dir Damian Thomas  - Camera Operator, Canon C500mk2

       Prod co: Playhouse Pictures - (Channel 4 distribution)

  • The Lost, Dir Peter StylainouSecond Unit Cinematographer, Red Raven

       Prod co: Journeyman Pictures

  • The Bystanders, Dir Gabrial Prior2nd AC, Red Dragon

       Prod co: Waggon & Houses Productions


Commercial / Corporate - (Selected)

  • Microsoft - Rakaya Lungs Full - Cinematographer, Arri Mini LF​​

       Prod co: Trifilm

  • Barclays - Premier CustomersCinematographer, Arri Amira 

       Prod co: 90 Seconds

  • ODEON - We Make Movies Better CampaignCinematographer, Arri Mini

       Prod co: Elvis

  • Wahl x Peaky Blinders - Hero Campaign 2022 - Cinematographer, Canon C200

       Prod co: Knowlton

  • Phillip Kingsley - Bodybuilding Range PromoCinematographer, Blackmagic URSA G2

       Prod co: Preen

  • Primark - Sports Relief 2021 -Cinematographer, Panasonic Evo 1

       Prod co: 90 Seconds

  • Wheely  - Valentines Day 2022 - Cinematographer, Canon 500mk2

       Prod co: Playhouse Pictures

  • Clarins - Virtual Beauty Festival - Camera Operator, Sony FS 7

       Prod co: Preen

  • Psycle- Content 2021  - Cinematographer, Sony A7SII

       Prod co: Exell Films

  • MarkFast - ECOM - Cinematographer, Canon C70

       Prod co: FPP


  • Maaya (Web series), Dir Harini Daddala   -   Cinematographer, Blackmagic URSA Mini

       Prod Co: Just like that Films

Short Films - (Selected)

  • Backup, Dir Ricky J Payne  -  Cinematographer, Super 8                                            

       Prod co: Invisible Darkness                                                                    (LSFF, 2022)  (Cannes Marché du Film, 2022) (Vienna IFA, 2022)

  • Better The Devil You Know, Dir Vipin Venugopal  -  Cinematographer, Arri XT  Plus                                                                     Prod co: Independent                                                                                                                    (FrightFest, 2021) (London Lift-Off FF 2021)    

  • Sophie, Dir Matthew Summers  -  Cinematographer, Canon C200                                                                                       

       Prod co: Greyhound Film Productions                                                                                                                                                    (SohoLIFF, 2021)

  • Over A Bottle of Rose, Dir Cortney Stowers  -  Cinematographer, Canon C200                               

       Prod co: Film Locos                                                                                                                                   (Lift-Off Global Network, 2021)

  • A Happy Ending, Dir Chris Deakin  -  Cinematographer, Red Dragon

       Prod co: Pageful Productions - (Channel 4 funded)

  • Ethereal Odyssey, Dir Liam Pinheiro Rogers  -  Cinematographer, Arri XT Plus

       Prod co: Independent 

  • The Tides That Bind Us, Dir Ricky J Payne  - Cinematographer, Super 16

       Prod co: Invisible Darkness

  • Digging, Dir Tom Walker  -  Cinematographer, Canon C200

       Prod co: About Town Films

  • Rent–A–Way, Dir Cindy Molina  -  Cinematographer, Canon C200

       Prod co: Three Blokes Productions

  • Bunuelesque, Dir Greg Wait -  Cinematographer, Canon C200

       Prod co: Hippogryph Films

  • Allegro, Dir Ronan Fawsit  -  Steadicam Operator, Red Raven

       Prod co: Indipendent


Other Qualifications and Skills

  • Full Clean UK Standard Driving License

  • Proficient Da Vinci Resolve Colorist

  • Efficient editing in Adobe Premiere Pro


  • University of Winchester - Archaeology BSC (Hons)



  • Red DSMC2 Dragon 6k

  • DZOFILM Pictor Cine Lenses

  • Russian Vintage Cine Lenses

  • Sigma Art Series Lenses

  • Grip Gear

  • Location Light Kit

  • Sennheiser G4 Lapel and Rode NTG3 Microphones

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